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Wolastoqiyik & Mi'kmaq Culture Studies Online Resources

This site has been funded by FNEII as a means to pass on the knowledge of the elder scholars, who're acknowledged as our "language and culture carriers" as well as our "knowledge and wisdom keepers."

These video and print resources have been collected from the Wolastoqiyik and Mi'kmaq Culture Studies DVD set. These resources are used to teach everyday living practices passed down from each of the elders, such as, how we should interact with the physical, social and spiritual environments.

Elder Scholars

Elder Imelda Perley

An elder from St. Mary's First Nations, Elder Imelda Perley holds a BA (Linguistics) and MEd (Curriculum Development, Aboriginal Education) from the University of New Brunswick. She teaches the Wolastoqiyik language and worldview course at University of New Brunswick and University of Maine.

Elder Gwen Bear

The late elder Gwen Bear, from Tobique First Nations, is remembered as a storyteller, medicine wheel teacher, sacred pipe carrier and spiritual leader who performed ceremonies, healings and fasts.

Elder George Paul

An elder from Metepenagiag (Red Bank First Nations), elder Paul is a storyteller, sweatlodge keeper, drum keeper, traditional dancer, artist/painter, singer and writer.

Elder Gilbert Sewell

Elder Sewell, member of Pabineau First Nations, historian, folklorist, guide, woodcarver, and Mi'kmaq language instructor, was the recipient of the NB Human Rights Award, Museum Award, Canadian Merit Award, Queen's Jubilee Medal, and the New Brunswick Merit Award - all attributed to his tireless dedication to sharing, expressing, and teaching about his Mi'kmaq heritage.